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The ROSA company gladly presents ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 - a distribution from the ROSA Desktop Fresh family with GNOME 3 desktop environment.

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As always, the distro presents a vast collection of games and emulators and the Steam platform package along with standard suite of audio and video communications software including the newest version of Skype. All modern video formats are supported. The distribution includes the fresh LibreOffice version. This distribution contains GNOME 3.16 with new user friendly notifications and system tray. In this distro we change old standard theme ROSA Elementary to new Korora for GNOME Shell and EvoPop for Gtk+. Also we change old icons. In LibreOffice we began to use new gray icons too.


ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME R7 is based on the rosa2014.1 platform which includes two years support (till the autumn of 2016).


or from Yandex-CDNа.

Technical part changes in comparison to the previous release (R6)

Adjustment of Default Applications and Settings

  • The default set of applications in images has been adjusted. Now default torrent client is Deluge. Also was added audio editor Audacity and video editor OpenShot.
  • All games was dropped.
  • Disable classic desktop behavior. You can enable it in Tweak Tools.
  • Disable Skype extension.
  • Adjust dark theme to GNOME Terminal.
  • Default installation now contains even more media codecs including h.265.
  • Many mime-types was fixed and many new was added.

Updates of Major Components

  • LTS kernel 4.1.16 is used by default. Separate repositories are avaialble with kernel 4.2.x (x86_64, i586) and 4.3.x (x86_64, i586).
  • X11 server has been updated to version 1.17.4, X11 drivers and libraries have been updated, as well.
  • Mesa has been updated to 11.0.6.
  • PulseAudio has been updated to 7.1.
  • Chromium has been updated to 48.0.
  • Firefox has been updated to 44.0.2.
  • LibreOffice has been updated to 4.4.7.
  • FFmpeg has been updated to 2.8.5.
  • GStreamer and its plugins have been updated to version 1.6.3.
  • Graphical drivers for NVidia video cards have been updated:
    • nvidia352 — up to 352.63;
    • nvidia340 — up to 340.96;
    • nvidia304 — up to 304.131;
    • nvidia-current — up to 358.16.
  • Drivers for AMD video cards (fglrx) have been updated to version 15.201.1151 (corresponding to AMD Catalyst 15.9).

Changes in DE and System Components

  • Fixed issues with installing ROSA Linux from USB3 drives.
  • Significantly imrpoved support for machines with AMD and Intel video.
  • Improved support for ThinkPad USB keyboards.
  • Kernel update policy has been changed. Now updates will be provided automatically only within the scope of the same kernel branch. If you ant to switch to a new branch, you should do this explicitly.
  • Fixed issues with creating Wi-Fi access points by means of NetworkManager.
  • Fixed issue with switching to virtual console in case when graphical subsystem fails to start.
  • Fixed displaying of a splash image during system start and shutdown.
  • Fixed many mime-types associated with nonexistent desktop files.
  • Adjust new themes: Korora for GNOME Shell, EvoPop Dark for Gtk+ and new icons EvoPop.
  • Fixed error during unpacking zip-archives with Cyrillic file names inside.
  • Built new 32bit images with uefi.

Minimal system requirements

Recommended RAM:

  • For 64bit systems — 2GB RAM
  • For 32bit systems — 1280Mb RAM

Though one can try our [Optimizing_Fresh_R7_for_machines_with_limited_hardware_resources optimization advises] to launch this editions on machines with 1Gb of RAM.

You will also need at least 10Gb of free space at your HDD.


Feel free to Download, try and test ROSA!

We appreciate any feedback. You are welcome to join our forums and our FB group.

The forum and group are monitored not only by community but also by ROSA developers and QA engineers and we try to proactively detect and fix the issues you find.

Experienced users are welcome in ROSA bugzilla