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What's This?

LXQt is the most lightweight and ascetic ROSA R9 edition. It is designed for machines which are not rich in resources (e.g., netbooks) and for users that like immediate reactions for any action. This ROSA will fell good even if you only have 512Mb of RAM.

Specific of LXQt in ROSA R9

  • All LXQt components are based on the freshest 0.11 branch with simplified ROSA theme, without compositing and desktop effects.
  • For this edition, we use NewMoon (PaleMoon) web browser. Being compatible with Firefox ESR (which is used as a basis), it consumes significantly less resources.
  • Default installation includes some additional components for Internet users - pidgin, qBitTorrent, trojita.
  • By default, nomacs image viewer is installed (which also provides basic image manipulation facilities)
  • Rosa Media Player and Audacious players are included, as well.


Main Images

  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: 9b856d906bdf7f87e02250fa00e793e1)
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: fba5177ca40469322d5466e02f231f50)

Additional Images

  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: 5525277735adddaeaac8a166e40467a6) - for old machines that experience problems with booting UEFI images
  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: 0b47d8ea8dd6ec9b4a8623a2e97abf21) - for machines with 32bit UEFI

The images are also available at Yandex-CDN.