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ROSA Desktop Fresh R9

ROSA Desktop Fresh R9 ist eine Distribution für diejenigen, die in einer sich ständig verändernden digitalen Welt leben mag. Short Support-Zeitraum wird durch frische Versionen von Software und hohe Kompatibilität mit moderner Hardware kompensiert.

ROSA Enterprise Desktop X2

ROSA Enterprise Desktop X2 is a LTS (long time support) release with guaranteed security and software updates for 5 years. Based on repositories of ROSA Desktop Fresh, Enterprise Desktop provides additional guarantees for software stability and quality. It is recommended for Enterprise, SMB and SOHO which do not need the "bleeding edge" technology, but require stable software and ability to work for a long time without reinstalling the system.


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Technical support and bug reports

At the moment there are two sites where you can ask for help and to report issues in Russian and English:



ATTENTION: you may register only at http://support.rosalab.ru/auth/register and from one account it is possible to autentificate on both addresses.

Submit your bug reports to ROSA Bugzilla at http://bugs.rosalinux.ru/ (see also Using ROSA Bugzilla)

You can ask questions and comminucate with other ROSA users on our forum at http://forum.rosalab.ru/en/