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rpmlint is a tool to check common errors on RPM packages. Rpmlint in ROSA Linux is adopted for this particular distribution and configured to check problems with ROSA policies. If you think you have find a bug in rpmlint, it is better to report it first in ROSA bugzilla.


You can configure rpmlintwith the file ~/.config/rpmlint, or /etc/rpmlint/config. Default configuration used in ROSA can be found in files from the /usr/share/rpmlint/config.d directory. Note that build cluster has rpmlint configured to detect follow this configuration, so even if you filter out some errors in your config and your package passes rpmlint checks successfully, there still can be problems when building in the build system.

However, there are some issues that are guaranteed not to happen when building with the build system. In particular, it is the build system who signs packages and adds Packager tag. So in local config, you should set at least the following:

addFilter("E:.* no-signature")
addFilter("W:.* invalid-packager")
addFilter("E:.* no-packager-tag")

For details of rpmlint configuration and options, look at the rpmlint documentation.


Rpmlint errors are detailed in Rpmlint Errors.