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Nikname PastorDi - i like it.
Began studying computers in the year, '1986 '. At that time computers were our Soviet ДВК-2, ДВК-3. Then he tried again a Soviet computer ЕС-1022, ЕС-1066. Continue then tried to work the same on the Soviet computer Микроша and БК-0010.

I studied and wrote in a programming language: Basic, Pascal, PL/1, Fortran66, Fortran95, COBOL, got a little bit to write programs Ada and Фокал. Programming languages ​​such as C / C + + and the like - can not stand! I do not know why, but here's a distaste for C-like languages. Just as Deb-based distributions. I understand and I work only with Rpm-based distros. :)
I was in the army Military Air Forces of the USSR will not be blogged, probably not interested in. :)
What else about computers, hm... a lot of things. In general my first computer when "happy" period Perestroika in year 1993 assembled his first IBM PC 286, Then away we go ... 386, 486, 586... and to today's. :) Starting with 386go computer and to this day "sit" only at the AMD microprocessors, others somehow do not recognize (don't like).
Familiar with Linux since the Red Hat 2. Yes! Yes! It was that! Red Hat 2 has installed for the first time in 1998. Since then, probably used to Rpm-based distributions, and others simply do not perceive. Then there were other similar Linux system. In Mandrake 9.0 I "sat down" seems to 2002-2003 (do not remember exactly). Since then, "get down" with Mandriva I can not. Having tried many distros, and Fedora, and AltLinux, and ASPLinux etc. But... such as fate would have it, or rather the star rose so that I adore Patricia Kaas - it is so even French Sagittarius. Well, the French distribution Mandriva also ... :) So I kind of luck on the "French" for life, to keep up with them. :) And at home there were 2 French cars. :)
Silent about programming? Well, you could program your computer 282nd? At that time IBM DOS was. But ... The same Basic and Pascal (or rather have Turbo) were on them and wrote programs from different. Then with the development of computer technology, had a little brush up other languages. Now here I am writing is sometimes written in PHP. But ... have a desire to learn some Python, but something did not reach the hands. And so .. I hope that I will write something else, and programming in the future, for the benefit of the (now), Russia!:)