Updates-builder is a tool to automatically check for package updates and build them in ABF.


Source code

Source code can be found here: https://abf.rosalinux.ru/dsilakov/updates_builder/tree/master?


Let's take alleyoop package as an example - we have version 0.9.7 and want to look for updates:

$ updates_builder.py --run-one alleyoop
alleyoop-0.9.8 https://sourceforge.net/projects/alleyoop/files/alleyoop/alleyoop-0.9.8/alleyoop-0.9.8.tar.gz
Creating a new spec file
Downloading file https://sourceforge.net/projects/alleyoop/files/alleyoop/alleyoop-0.9.8/alleyoop-0.9.8.tar.gz

Wow, update is available! updates_builder has downloaded the new tarball, pushed it to ABF file store, updated .abf.yml and spec files and initiated a new build.

All changes are applied in a separate branch called auto_update. The build is initiated for rosa2012.1 platform, but the result is pushed to import_personal repository. Moreover, currently resulting packages are not published - you should go to container to download them.

The next step is to check if the package has been built successfully (if you subscribed to ABF notifications, you will receive a mail about build results). If the built succeeded then you can download the resulting package and check if it works properly. If yes, then merge it to the repository.

First, let's checkout the alleyoop project itself using abf-console-client:

$ abf get alleyoop; cd alleyoop
$ git checkout auto_update

Take a look at the updated .abf.yml and spec file and add/commit changes if necessary.

And now let's switch to rosa2012.1 branch and merge the changes there:

$ git checkout rosa2012.1
$ git merge auto_update
$ abf put -m "LOG Updated to 0.9.8"

That's all! Now you can initiate a build for rosa2012.1 platform from the rosa2012.1 branch, The package is updated!

Technical Details

To get information about new software releases, updates_builder uses http://upstream-tracker.org service. If you want updates_builder to monitor some package for which the upstream URL is missing - feel free to contact upstream-tracker.org authors.

To work with ABF, updates_builder uses ABF Console Client.

How to Use

Usage in ROSA

Updates Builder is launched in ROSA on a regular basis for the packages listed on this page:


If the new version is build successfully, the launcher scripts automatically for Pull Request to merge changes to official repository.

In case of failure, the scripts analyze the build log and try to fix several common issues such as addition/removal of files, absence of necessary BuildRequires, etc. After performing such changes, the build is triggered once again.

Source code of the scripts used to launch Updates Builder, analyze its logs and fix certain kinds of issues can be found here: