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Here is a short list of rules that maintainers must follow when submitting builds of their ABF projects to official ROSA repositories.

An example of correct branch/repository settings
  1. Each ABF project MUST have a branch corresponding to a target platform. See "Git Branch" column in #Product Naming section for the branch for each release series. For instance, a project that yields packages for ROSA 2012 Marathon MUST have rosa2012lts branch. See the picture for an example.
  2. Always raise the release of the package you built, or changes in the package will not be added to the metadata.
  3. All packages built for a repository must be build from the corresponding branch
failing to follow these rules may—and will—result in having your fixes automatically discarded from the repositories!

If a repository is frozen, the updates should be submitted as described in "Requesting an Update".

Product Naming

Project Package Suffix Git Branch
ROSA Marathon 2012 rosa.lts2012.0 rosa2012lts
ROSA Desktop 2012 rosa.2012.1 rosa2012.1