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The following repositories are spawned for each platform (release):

  • main — officially supported repository with free content only. The repository is maintained by ROSA[1];
  • contrib — community-supported repository with free content only, no package in this repository will prevent any package in main from working properly. Because of this, some restrictions apply, see #Contrib Policy.
  • non-free — officially supported repository with non-free, non-patent-infringing content. The repository is maintained by ROSA[1];
  • restricted — officially supported repository with content subject to patent restrictions in some countries. The repository is maintained by ROSA[1].

Each repository has two branches: release and updates. The release branch is frozen shortly before the release. After that, all packages for the platform are placed into the updates branch. Update policy depicts the restrictions on what can be placed into updates.

The repositories are formed automatically from users' ABF projects. Please, follow the Submission Policy to make sure this happens.

Meaning of "Maintained by ROSA"

By "maintained by ROSA" we mean above that:

  1. the patches with bug- and security fixes will be applied;
  2. the packages will get timely updates according to the Update policy.

Media policies

Main Policy

The guidelines for package selection into the main repository are still being developed.

Contrib Policy

The contrib repository contains the accompanying software that doesn't fit into the main. It is a collection of community-maintained packages where volunteers who applied for maintainership post the results of their work. Contrib repository will be included into the package management utility so that users may turn it on easily, but will not be turned on by default; see #Default repository configuration.

Not all packages may be placed into contrib. If your package prevents the base system from working or damages one of the packages in main (i.e. replaces its files), then it can't be included in contrib. To enforce this policy, Contrib Repository Manager will check your package at submission as a step during the processing of your update request.

Some packages are useful and important even if they may prevent packages in main from working if installed. These are "alternative technologies", such as init systems, login screens, package managers, etc. If you really want to build them, build them into your own, personal repository via ABF, which gives you ultimate freedom in package selection.

Default repository configuration

Free Release

Repo Release Updates
Main +
Main updates +
Contrib updates
Non-free updates
Restricted updates

Enterprise Edition (EE) Release

Repo Release Updates
Main +
Main updates +
Contrib updates
Non-free +
Non-free updates +
Restricted +
Restricted updates +

Supplementary information

The rest of this document is infomational.
The sections below do not contain the actual policy, and are provided to inform you about its future changes, rationales, or history.

Current status of Contrib

Currently, the contrib repository has been rebuilt, and is available for distribution users of ROSA Marathon 2012. More than 70% of contrib repository imported from Mandriva is now available. If your favorite software is missing from contrib repository, please, use ROSA Bugzilla to request it, or (better) become a ROSA package maintainer.


Historically, Mandriva had "backports" repository that contained newer versions of the software built against the system base of an older release, but versions of which did not comply to the update policy. It was considered unstable, and was supported by community.

ROSA Technical Committee decided that we won't include any designated "backports" repository. If anyone needs to build an updated package that doesn't comply to Update policy for a released distribution for testing or dissemination purposes, he or she may publish it via a personal repository without requesting anyone's permission.


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