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ROSA Steering Committee

Steering Committee is a governing body that provides strategic guidance to ROSA distribution development, and takes final decisions on all disputable issues. Steering Committee is a part of the Technical Committee described below.

Currently, the Steering Committee consists of two top-managers of ROSA: Vladimir Rubanov and Eugene Sokolov. The primary point of contact is Vladimir Rubanov.

ROSA Technical Commttee

Technical Committee (TC) is a body that makes final decisions on all technical aspects of ROSA distribution development. The Committee's aim is to maintain timely and sustainable release process and to establish development processes by ratifying and enforcing packaging and maintenance policies. TC takes decisions by voting among its members at regular meetings. These decisions are based on prior public discussions with enthusiasts and community members as well as discussions held privately among the Extended Technical Committee ("Release Board"), which is formed from the key distribution developers and community members.

The Technical Committee is responsible for:

  1. technical decisions on all technical aspects of distribution development within the directions and constraints set by the Steering Committee. This includes, but is not limited to
    • selection of specific features that will be included into each release;
    • ratification of release criteria and release schedules;
    • composition of the final set of base components a release will be based on;
    • elaboration of the requirements to the build system;
  2. delegation of its functions to special teams formed by the Committee for specific purposes, in particular, to release teams under supervision of release managers, and designation of certain tasks to competent specialists;
  3. maintenance and fulfillment of rules and regulations of its own work, selection of new members, and exclusion of idle members;
  4. resolution of escalated conflicts that didn't get resolved at a lower level.

You can address the Technical Committee by sending an e-mail to the Release Board list here.


Technical Committee currently includes, aside from the Steering Committee, leaders of the key product units and functional divisions of ROSA company:

  • Alexander Burmashev - repository manager;
  • Alexander Kazancev - ROSA Desktop release manager;
  • Denis Koryavov - UX team lead, head of branded applications division
  • Vitaliy Sayfullin - head of QA and tech support
  • Denis Silakov - head of automated development tools division
  • Sergey Pecherkin - tech lead of ROSA Server
  • Andrew Shubin - tech lead of ROSA Embedded & Mobile

The Extended Technical Committee (Release Board) member list is available to its members here.


Technical Committee currently holds 1.5-hour meetings each Wednesday at 4pm MSK as video conference calls. The information on the exact time and place is available to Release Board members via the mailing list [1]. All members of the Extended Technical Committee (Release Board) may participate as well as developers specially invited by them. An agenda is announced before each meeting. Decisions taken are published in rosa-devel public mailing list in 1-2 days after the meeting.