How to become an official mirror of ROSA Distribution

If you want to become an official ROSA Distribution mirror, have a server with enough free space and a wide internet channel, please, read the following guide to become one.

Please note that, in order to be an official mirror, you must maintain your mirror in a moderate health, so that its uptime and bandwidth should not be a problem for people who use it.


Minimal upload speed required to become an official mirror is 20 MBit/s.

At least 60 Gb.

We recommend to use rsync + cron to ensure that your mirror is updated regularly. In order to have a synced ROSA you must be able to setup a regularly running rsync script on your server. We propose to use a following command:
rsync -avH --partial --delete-after --delay-updates --exclude '.*' <rsync mirror url> /path/to/the/repo/

Here are our official secondary mirrors:

When your mirror is running and set up, you should contact ROSA via official bugzilla mirror request

  1. Open a bug with the "Becoming an official mirror" title.
  2. This bug will be private and visible only to ROSA employees; no information you enter will be shared.
  3. Bug text must consist of:
    1. location of the mirror (city and country)
    2. mirror contact/admin (name, email address - only one)
    3. available bandwidth
    4. which primary mirror you are using
    5. list of your URLs, including protocol used among http / ftp (anonymous) / rsync
  4. Welcome to Official ROSA Mirrors! The nearby users will use your mirror to receive updates.