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ROSA Marathon X1 includes all software and security updates as of April 5th, 2013. This is primarily a bugfix release and introduces almost no new functionality, but includes some special modifications. This is a planned release in the scope of Long Term Support (LTS).

Installer modifications

A new step was added with selection of services that should be started at system boot

Kernel 3.0.69

  • Kernel was updated to 3.0.69
  • More than 1000 fixes ( 1036 ) were introduced


Upstream tarball was updated to the version 17, the set of patches was updated, obsolete patches were removed. By default initrd is generated with hostonly=no, radeon/nouveau drivers in the initrd are disabled which improves boot on systems with Nvidia/Radeon video cards.

RPM 5.4 and DB5.2

New RPM 5.4 and Berkley DB5.2 (used to serve the RPM database) which made a good showing in ROSA Desktop Fresh are now available in Marathon. This improves system stability, reliability and speed, and fixes a rare disappointing bug with unrecoverable RPM database which could lead to necessity of complete system reinstallation. Availability of the new RPM version also simplifies backporting of modifications from newer releases of ROSA Desktop distributions.

LibreOffice 3.6.4

This version declared to be stable and ready for enterprise use. Comparing to version 3.5, the following modifications and improvements should be highlighted:

  1. Writer. Extended possibilities of Label / Business Card Wizard;
  2. Writer. Allow for editing of read-only documents.. After editing, the document can be saved using "Save As" menu;
  3. Calc. Selected cells can be now easily joined through the context menu;
  5. Calc. Support inserting field elements in cells (e.g., date, heading and title of the document);
  6. Calc. Support data sorting from the autofilter menu;
  7. Calc. Support allowing pasting only text, value, or formula from the context menu.;
  8. Calc. Support for color scales and data bars, in particular when importing from .xlsx and importing/exporting from/to .ods in ODF 1.2;
  1. Implemented Smart Art import.
  2. Added import filter for Corel Draw documents;
  3. Support for watermarks (e.g., copyright note) when exporting to PDF;
  4. Improvements of GTK themes (added support for background gradient and tab prelight rendering). Design of scrollbars was updated which became more lightweight;
  5. Added support for integration with Alfresco using the CMIS protocol, as well as basic support of integration with Share Point;
  6. Improved performance of .doc/.docx documents import;

Firefox 17.0.4esr and Thunderbird 17.0.4

Firefox and Thunderbird were updated to latest versions with extended support. Detailed information about bug and security fixes can be found at the Firefox ESR known vulnerabilities page.


Due to the branding changes, the following components were updated:

  • rosa-gfxboot-theme
  • mandriva-release
  • lsb-release
  • /etc/os-release was added to mandriva-release package