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ROSA Enterprise Desktop X2 is an Enterprise-level distribution based on ROSA Desktop Fresh KDE with additional quality control. It is recommended for Enterprise, SMB and SOHO which do not need the "bleeding edge" technology, but require stable software and ability to work for a long time without reinstalling the system. All updates that don't fix security vulnerabilities or critical issues are published to ROSA Enterprise Desktop X2 repositories only after careful testing by ROSA QA team and ROSA Desktop Fresh users.

Default installation includes office suite, E-mail client, modern Web-browsers, instant messengers, image viewers and editors and so on. The RED distributions use LTS versions of the Linux kernel and provides drivers for a large set of modern hardware, including printers, scanners, AMD and NVidia graphic cards and machines with hybrid graphics. RED repositories provide a lot of additional software such as development suites (GCC and Clang compilers, FPC and Lazarus for Pascal fans, IDEs and profilers), Perl, Python, Ruby and other interpreters, rich Texlive stack, media players with support for almost all existing media formats and many other programs that will satisfy the needs of a large range of users.

Installer Possibilities

  • Support for EFI and Secure Boot
  • Support for GPT drive tables
  • Encryption of system partitions (/, /usr, /var)
  • Support for modern file systems: Ext4 (default) and Btrfs
  • Graceful integration with other operating systems installed on the same machine

User-Level Software

  • Firefox and Chromium web browsers
  • Thunderbird mail client with Lightning organizer extension
  • LibreOffice office suite
  • ROSA Media Player based on FFmpeg codecs
  • Digikam photo manager and Gwenview image viewer
  • ... and a lot of other programs for everyday work in office and at home.

To get the list of all available software, just launch the Rpmdrake program (aka "Install and remove software").

Graphical Subsystem

  • Based on stable versions of X.Org and Mesa
  • Up-to-date versions of free and proprietary drivers for Intel, NVIDIA and AMD video cards
  • Support for hybrid graphics (it is recommended to setup video cards by means of the XFdrake program)

System Software

  • LTS version of the Linux kernel
  • GCC and Clang/LLVM compilers
  • FPC and Lazarus for Pascal developers
  • Perl, Python, Python3, Lua, Ruby and other interpreters
  • MariaDB and PostgreSQL DBMS
  • NTFS support
  • Samba tools to interact with Windows networks
  • ROSA Freeze tool to protect the core system from any modifications

System Requirements

Minimal recommended RAM:

  • 1.5 Gb for 32bit systems
  • 2 Gb for 64bit systems

We recommend to use at least 20 GB of hard drive space for the root partition of the installed system.

Additional Repositories

Unlike ROSA Desktop Fresh, repositories of ROSA Enterprise Desktop doesn't contain packages maintained by community. However, if you didn't find a package in ROSA Enterprise Desktop repositories, you may take a look at Contrib repositories of ROSA Desktop Fresh. If it contains some software that you would like to see in ROSA Enterprise Desktop, please make developers know about that.

You can add Contrib repositories of ROSA Desktop Fresh directly in ROSA Enterprise Desktop by means of urpmi.addmedia commands.

For 32 bit platforms:

# urpmi.addmedia contrib
# urpmi.addmedia --update contrib_updates 

For 64 bit platforms:

# urpmi.addmedia contrib
# urpmi.addmedia --update contrib_updates

Remember that packages from Contrib are not officially supported and we don't guarantee in-time updates and fixes for them.

Life Time

RED X2 is planned to be maintained by 5 years. During the first 2 years, the distribution will be get new versions of all software included in it (after long and serious testing by our QA team and the users of our desktop fresh edition). In 2 years we are planning to release the new version of ROSA Enterprise Desktop, but for the next three years RED X2 will get fixes of critical bugs and security vulnerabilities.


If you would like to buy this distribution or get ISO image for internal tests, please contact ROSA sales department. See our site for details.