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ROSA Desktop Fresh R6 is a distribution for enthusiasts in constantly changing Linux world. It has relatively short life cycle (rosa2014.1 platform is supported until autumn 2016), but provides newest software and support for modern hardware.

About Release

Install Additional Software

If for some reason you are not satisfied by OpenJDK provided with ROSA, you can install Oracle Java from the official site. Due to license restrictions, we cannot put it to our repositories.

  • Install Java.png

Alternative Desktop Environments

The main desktop environment of ROSA Desktop Fresh is KDE; we are also actively working on a version based on Gnome 3.

Besides them, ROSA repositories provide alternative lightweight desktop environments. For some of them our community members prepare separate ISO images from time to time. But at any moment you can get one of these environments on your desktop just by installing corresponding task- package.

Alternative desktop environments are supported by ROSA Community and are not subjected to as strict QA process (unlike main DEs)