ROSA Desktop Fresh R11.1

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General Information

ROSA Desktop Fresh R11.1 - is a correcting update release, contains all patches and bugfixes from ROSA Desktop Fresh R11 release. This ROSA Fresh R11.1 release is primary purposed for users who need stable LTS platform on modern hardware. It's the release based on rosa2016.1 platform with extended support (security updates will be provided until Fall 2021).

Link to installation images Rosa Fresh R11.1 images

Desktop Environment

For ROSA Fresh R11.1, images with four desktop environments are available. The remaining options will be published as they are prepared by the community.

To avoid errors, use the proprietary utility ROSA ImageWriter to write the image to USB drives.
Here, in Errata, there is information to correct possible errors when working with ROSA Desktop Fresh R11.

What else to install?

You can install many programs from the ROSA repositories. To do this, run the Add or Remove Programs utility or in the console enter urpmi <program_name> .

If you have not yet worked on Linux and do not know the names of the programs, look for analogues of applications known to you at

Among other things from the ROSA FRESH repositories you can install

We recommend using the versions installed from our repositories

If for any reason you are not satisfied with OpenJDK, which is included in the ROSA Fresh package, you can install Java from the Oracle website. Due to licensing restrictions, we cannot place these packages in our repositories.

Install Java.png