ROSA Desktop Fresh 12 Release Notes

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New platform 2021.1:

  • The transition from package managers of RPM 5 and urpmi to RPM 4 and dnf has been made
  • glibc v.2.33 (in backward compatibility mode with Linux kernels up to
  • gcc v.11.2
  • Added platform aarch64 (ARMv8), added platform Russian cpu "Baykal-M" and e2k "Elbrus"
  • 32-bit x86 architecture renamed from i586 to i686
  • Anaconda is used as the installation program (installer)
  • Improved compatibility with RPM packages for RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, SuSe distributions
  • Server part of the distribution has been significantly improved: builds minimal ROSA server images
  • RPM database transferred from BerkleyDB to SQLite
  • For DNS resolved, systemd-resolved.service is used by default

News release 12:

  • Redesigned theme
  • GCC 11.2, systemd 249+
  • Updated GDM based DM interface
  • Support for easy and fast organization of a closed software environment