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General Notes

Plasma 5 - is the fifth and current generation of the desktop environment created by KDE primarily for Linux systems. Plasma 5 is the successor of KDE 4.

Specifics of Plasma 5 in the R10 Release

  • KDE Frameworks 5.38.0
  • Plasma 5.10.5
  • KDE Applications 17.08.2
  • Qt 5.9.3
  • ROSA brand-name decorations, style and ergonomics accompanied by Breeze theme
  • Firefox is considered to be a primarily web browser, but it is supplemented by Chromium
  • Default installation includes ROSA Media Player и Clementine, LibreOffice suite, KTorrent client, GIMP image editor, Audacity audio editor, EasyTAG mp3 tag editor and a lot of other useful applications
  • PartitionManager is used to manage disk partitions
  • quick-usb-formatter program is available for easy USB stick formatting
  • ROSA-specific tools (such as software manager) are integrated into KDE Control Center
  • Most of KDE applications are now based on KDE Frameworks 5
  • Besides standard Plasma applets, our images include rosa-expo (aka "Show all desktops")
  • Until we finish SimpleWelcome porting to Plasma 5, Kicker launcher is used by default
  • To decrease resource consuming, Baloo indexing service is disabled by default


Main Images
  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: 8850b4f383042d96af4bda6786d891d8)
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: 9506eb18e6775fa362017e32e316c353)
Additional Images for Specific Cases
  • 32bit ISO (md5sum: 6affeb3e3ca51b5d323e66e85ca75387) - for machines with 32bit UEFI
  • 64bit ISO (md5sum: b30c463a3ac6c56a1fa164c248dd2d09) - for old machines that experience problems with booting UEFI images

All images are also available on Yandex CDN.