Desktop Fresh to R1 Migration Assistant

In almost all cases migration from ROSA Desktop.Fresh 2012 to на ROSA Desktop Fresh R1 happens smoothly by usual system update. However, in rare cases some problems may arise which are described below.

64 bit system update

Before updating 64 bit system you need to completely disable 32-bit repositories!

Graphical interface doesn't start after update

In rare cases display manager service may become disabled after update. To solve this issue you should go to a virtual console (Ctrl + Alt + F2), log in as root and type the following commands:

systemctl enable kdm
systemctl enable gdm
systemctl enable lxdm

and reboot.

Network problems

We have completely migrated to Network Manager and dropped drakx-net components. If you experience troubles wit network connection then try to mask the network service by the following command:

systemctl mask network

You can also turn the service back by typing

systemctl unmask network