Installing Parallels Tools

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Parallels Tools is a set of tools developed by the Parallels company shipped together with their Parallels Desktop virtualization software. The tools provides improved integration of a guest system and OSX.

  • Automated changing of screen resolution when resizing VM window (as automated calls to xrandr)
  • Shared clipboard


The main part of installation is the same as for any other Linux distribution; you can just follow the official instruction from Parallels until the last step.

There is no any problems when installing the latest Parallels Tools on the ROSA Desktop Fresh R1, so you need to skip the tutorial below unless you explicitly facing problem with infinite boot time of the guest OS.
If using you install Parallels Tools in a usual way you can face the problem with booting guest OS. If this is the case, please read the instructions below on how to avoid this.

Finalizing installation

Exit without rebooting

When asked if you want to reboot the virtual machine, choose No. Otherwise the boot will fail.

Additional setup

Before rebooting your machine, it is necessary to remove prl-x11 from autostart, since it can lead to OS boot stall.

cd /etc/

find . -name "???prl-x11" -exec rm -f {} \;