Errata ROSA Desktop R2

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Check also errata for the previous version:


Can't install system on EFI partition

  • If you don't have an EFI Boot (ESP) partition on your hard drive then you will not be able to install ROSA from iso image. You should create such partition manually.
  • Note that EFI support is implemented for 64bit systems only
  • Installation with SecureBoot enabled is not implemented yet
  • If you get strange errors during installation, it is possible that your EFI partition is too small (it should be at least of 100Mb size, 300Mb is recommended).

System and user-level software

Can't install plugins for HP printer using HPLIP

In some cases installation of proprietary plugins for HP printers using HPLIP GUI can fail. To install plugins, you can launch hp-doctor tool with root permisisons

# hp-doctor