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Installation and initial hardware setup


Cannot install from USB Flash

  1. Check the MD5 checksum using the checkisomd5 command as follows: checkisomd5 <ISO_filename>. In case of any errors redownload the ISO image.
  2. For image burning use the tool ROSA ImageWriter, available for Linux, Windows и Mac OS
  3. Try different USB stick and different USB port
  4. Download the ISO for different architecture (i586 or x64) or try our special compilations (X64 no UEFI or i586 UEFI)
  5. On UEFI systems enter the BIOS setup and switch to the legacy mode. Sometimes the BIOS update may also help.
  6. If nothing of the above helps, install from DVD (burn the ISO at 2x speed)

The installation progress bar is stuck

This may happen on some graphical cards' models, but do not worry — the installation process is still going on despite the animation issue.

The installer reboots the machine and performs the automatic disk format using the btrfs

This issue may happen if the installation is performed on the Virtual Machine or on the disk which has no partition table. Please try again and chose the option "Clear the whole disk" or "Custom partitions setup".

Video card setup

Cannot install the proprietary drivers

The proprietary graphical drivers should be installed using the 'The VideoCard setup' utility (console comand: XFdrake). You should wait patiently for the utility to finish its work and for the reboot request. For the simple NVidia non-hybrid system owners (not NVidia+Intel) there is an alternate way: just install the package x11-driver-video-nvidia-current. This option is also useful in case when the XFdrake says your system is the hybrid one while it is not.

Hybrid NVidia setup =

In most cases the XFdrake utility ('The VideoCard setup') will install the hybrid drivers automatically. But there is an issue on the hybrid systems when ROSA won't switch to the discrete card automatically. To lunch the setup utility on such hybrid systems please use the commands 'primusrun' or 'optirun'. For example, 'primusrun glxinfo|grep OpenGL' will print the OpenGL version which corresponds to the driver version (free or proprietary)/ Do not forget that Mesa is a free driver.

Intel graphics performance issues

Try to enable the old acceleration mode for the Intel cards by installing the package x11-driver-video-intel-config-uxa and rebooting.

Network setup

Network setup for Mediatek/Ralink and Realtek ethernet and wifi cards

You may find alternate drivers packages in ROSA repos for the following cards: Mediatek MT7630E - dkms-mt7630e Realtek RTL8812AU - dkms-rtl8812au Realtek RTL8723BE, RTL8723AE, RTL8192CE, RTL8192SE, RTL8192DE, RTL8188EE, RTL8192EE, RTL8821AE - dkms-rtlwifi_new Realtek RTL8101/2/6E - dkms-r8101 Realtek RTL8168*/8111* - dkms-r8168

Network setup for Broadcom cards

By default for Broadcom cards ROSA uses wl driver, but you may also try the b43 driver: install the package b43-firmware, delete the package dkms-broadcom-wl and reboot

Sound setup

Run alsamixer in console, press F6 to choose your card and setup the levels. OR Run pavucontrol and choose right in/out devices

HP printers setup

Some Hewlett Packard printers require proprietary drivers to work correctly. To install them you just need to connect the device, wait for the auto-initialization and then run the console command 'hp-plugin'

Windows OS interaction

Cannot mount the NTFS disk with one of the latest version of Windows installed

To have the dual boot (i.e. latest versions of Windows and ROSA9) to work correctly on the same machine we recommend to switch off the "fast startup" feature of Windows. That feature is identical to the sleeping mode of ROSA, so we try not to touch the partitions with "sleeping" Windows because we don't want to brake it. To switch off the Windows just run the following command with the root privileges: 'powercfg -h off'

To force mount the NTFS disk run the following: # ntfsfix /dev/<NTFS_partition>(sda, sdb)

The Windows entry is no longer present in GRUB menu

This can happen because of the "fast startup" feature of Windows, or due to the incorrect switch off of the Windows OS by the user, which act coincided with the GRUB/kernel updates in ROSA. The ROSA bootloader won't mount the partition/disk containing errors or the partition containing the hibernated Windows. To fix the problem do the following; mount the NTFS disk in the Dolphin filemanager run in the console: # update-grub2

Some system malfunction fixes

The System Doesn't Boot After Installing Proprietary Drivers or Updating Kernel

  1. Try to boot with another kernel (by choosing it in the boot loader menu)
  2. Wait until text boot mode is reached (after ~4 minutes from the boot start), switch to virtual console by ctrl+alt+F2, login as root, launch XFdrake and choose free driver for your graphics card.

I get the black screen after entering the password on the KDE4 welcome screen

Your desktop settings were damaged somehow (did you switched off the system correctly?) Run 'krunner alt+F2' and enter the command 'kde4-reset'. You desktop settings will be reset to default.

Bibliography Database Doesn't Work in LibreOffice Writer

In order to make "bibliography database" service work in LibreOffice, you should install LibreOffice Base ({pkg|libreoffice-base}} package) and OpenJDK. To save space, we have removed these packages from ROSA Desktop Fresh installation image.

Cannot install programs

Your RPM base is possibly damaged. To restore it run from the root: rpm-restore

All previously installed programs disappear after the reboot

You have been activated the ROSA freeze mode. Deactivate it.

Some fixes for the software installed during the system installation process

Mozilla firefox has incorrect language settings

Run from the Firefox menu: 'settings-applications-content type-language' and add your language

The Libre Office Writer bibliography database is not working

Please install the LibreOffice Base (package libreoffice-base) and OpenJDK since it is not included into ROSA installation ISO because of the space saving reasons

There are no text effect in the LibreOffice gallery

Install libreoffice-openclipart package.