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ROSA is happy to announce the release of LXDE edition of ROSA Desktop Fresh R4 distribution targeted to weak machines for which KDE or Gnome3 are too heavy. This release was highly requested by ROSA users and was prepared with the help of our community.

The distribution can be downloaded here:

Minimal system requirements:

  • 256 Mb of RAM (recommended value is 512 Mb for the installed system, 384 Mb for the Live mode).
  • Free hard drive space: 6 Gb
  • CPU: Pentium4/Celeron

The core system components include:

  • LTS kernel 3.14.15 with BFQ version 7r5
  • Glibc 2.19
  • GCC 4.9.2_2014.08 Linaro
  • Graphical subsystem based on Xorg 1.15 and Mesa 10.2.7
  • XFdrake tool for configuring graphical subsystem with improved support for hybrid Nvidia+Intel graphics.
  • Latest versions of LXDE components based on thes Gtk stack
  • Due to the lack of native tools for power management and notifications, appropriate components from XFCE are used which have been adapted to work with systemd.

The ISO image includes the following applications:

  • LibreOffice Writer and Calc 4.3.2
  • Firefox 32.0.2
  • ROSA Media Player as a default media player
  • Claws-mail mail client

Thus, for most users the distribution is ready to use out of the box. But even if some software is missing, users can install it from ROSA Desktop Fresh R4 repositories.

This is likely the last release of ROSA Desktop Fresh based on LXDE. In future we are going to use LXQt as a lightweight desktop environment. LXQt packages are already available in our repositories, so feel free to try them.


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